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Friday fabulousness

I laugh sometimes at the manner in which all the days of the week tend to take a thump for the end of work week glory that Friday receives. Today is a fairly fabulous Friday here; a light work day, a good week ahead, caught up on college assignments, payday, and meeting a new friend to boot. Lovely on all levels, in every direction.

There is a haunting similarity this new friend brings that has me mildly discombobulated. I’m chuckling for it because it is a beautiful example of many things; the way that experiences are lessons, the manner in which learning from them lends to better and more delightful things, and the method by which associations of memory can help or hinder depending upon how well that learning is absorbed and assimilated.

In short, this new friend, in remarkable and eerie ways echoes the shape, being, and possibilities I encountered some years ago. Creator, community builder, artisan, and dreamer… like and unlike all at once. I ponder the recent oddness and how it brought memory to mind and am grinning for how the echo of memory now shimmers like an aura around a new friend. Known and unknown, the pattern unfolding once more, but perhaps this time in different and more fruitful ways.

Memes and symbols crowd into mind, mumbled mantras of days past joining new melodies, the delight of mudita and how this new connection brings a smile. White shores, indeed.

I mildly marvel
At muddy waters, parting
Leading me to shore

Softly glimmering
Manifest isle of dreaming
I remember you

Blanketed by sleep
Cozened upon the white sands
I find you once more

This is not the end
We shall meet again, you said
Sky quietly wept

No understanding
In that sorrowful moment
Only sense of loss

Sentinel of mind
A scout upon the cliffside
Watching sunrise

Seeking Brigadoon
Magical Isle of Promise
On far horizon

Today, the clouds lift
Revealing a humble truth
It was never gone

Closer than a breath
Cradled without as within
All things, possible

Laughing in sunlight
The shape, the thing in itself
Now I remember

Eternal garden
A place of endless blooming
The never lost isle

A welcoming smile
The gift of active presence
Given and received

Building sandcastles
Giggling for the stubborn surf
And building again