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Google and privacy: Another shoe drops

As reported in this story today by ComputerWorld:


Two suits, one in New York and the other in California, seek to open class-action litigation against the company for what I have termed “predatory network” activity. The suits leverage allegations including violation of the Federal Wiretap Act, the Stored Electronic Communications Act, and the Computer Fraud Abuse Act for various activities being alleged to occur and because the company does not offer adequate and appropriate opt-out for the individual services offered (instead, it seems, asserting they can damn well do as they please… yet another “don’t like it, don’t use it moment”).

In my opinion, this is not only long-overdue, it is probably the only path to relief from predatory networks as it seems our congress and leadership steadfastly refuse to engage and protect its citizenry from such activities.

You can rest assured if/when either of these gain class-action status, I will be among the first to join them.

I hope you will consider doing the same.

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