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[Google] Wow, how did I *not* see this one?

I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. I now think that Google is becoming quite expert at both hypocrisy and “being evil”.

I’d like to say I cannot imagine how I missed this story (January 2nd) but, considering the topic, I can imagine just fine.

Looks like Google is (again) breaking their own rules and treating themselves differently and better the rest of the world.

Gee, wonder if that anti-trust effort is still going? Think I’ll fire this one off to my friend.

(See end of article for updates; yes, they admit to it, yes they insist it did not go/work “as intended”; heh, no, I suspect they didn’t intend to get caught with their pants down… again.)

Related item: An interesting little page (albeit agenda-based; backed by engineers at Facebook, Twitter, etc) that quite nicely speaks for itself and makes a valid point: