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Analysis & Design 101: The Only Guideline You Will Ever Need

Question #1: What problem are you attempting to solve?

Question #2: Why is it a problem, and what data supports?

Question #3: Which (of a continnuum of solutions) mitigates or solves the problem and how?

Question #4: How will we prove the problem is solved or mitigated to satisfaction?

Organization & Management 101: Building Consistency

Task 1: Explicate all rules.

Task 2: Explicate all penalties for breaking the rules.

Task 3: Explicate all punishments of all penalties.

Task 4: Be consistent in enforcement efforts.

Life 101: Simple truths, said simply.

Axiom 1: If you do not pay yourself first, you will never be fully nor truly paid.

Axiom 2: If you do not insist upon your boundaries, you will live constantly impinged.

Axiom 3: If you want to be happy, help someone who isn’t.

Axiom 4: If you want to be sad, help someone who doesn’t ask for it.

Axiom 5: If you want to be angry, pretend all humans are self-aware.

Axiom 6: If you want to be accepted, be consistent.

Axiom 7: If you want to be included, invite others.

Axiom 8: If you want to be successful, educate children.

Axiom 9: If you want to be loved, you are not ready for it.

Axiom 10: If you want to have peace, give it away.