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Today was my birthday.
Working on the blog this week; decided to make it more transient (impermanence practice) – when I have something to post, I will, but only health, well being, and the creative writing going forward.
Anyway, it was off-line half of Wednesday, Thursday, and most of today for updates to add-ons,  making the tweaks to the template/theme, etc. but it turned out beautifully.
This place is now a digital ‘zen garden’.
When I brought the email server back online, I found I had two emails from the blog’s contact form.
The first was unexpected in its arrival, but usual in its dryness.
The second was merely another dose of the same ol’, same ol’ – the moment I am not utterly compliant or instantly responsive, here comes the screeds of vindictive, venomous anger.
I’m taking expert advice because, clearly, trying to navigate things without it has been… disappointing.

Here’s some advice to parents in this situation.

(1) Remember it’s their story and they’re sticking to it so don’t try to change or correct their version of the past.

(2) Express your regret without letting them guilt-trip you; regret is guilt without the neuroses.

(3) Stay open to their overture – who’s the grown-up here? – but don’t allow them to abuse you emotionally, physically, or financially.

– Jane Adams, Ph.D., author of When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us

Pretty simple, really. I’m just not going to take the emotional abuse anymore.

Not much else to say at the moment.