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Humpity Bump (mid-week)

The one month mark is here already? Holy heck, that was fast. (This, to me, is a good thing as I absolutely detest being bored for more than 30 minutes at the time.)

I have a few concerns (not unusual), I have a few hopeful objectives (more unusual), and I have no real complaints (damn rare). Of course, this is subject to change without notice as all things are, but, in this particular moment, I feel I made a good decision to leap on this with all fingers and toes.

Today is a review of my first major deliverable; it is also the opening by which to demonstrate by example just how realistic it is (cough) to pull this particular deliverable together fully in the time allotted. I’m really not sure if that message will be received as it has to be implicit (for a variety of reasons), but we’ll see.

Beyond that, I’ll be back on the auditing trail; this is very likely going to turn into an activity that annoys everyone around me. It may well be that no one expects the inquisition, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to be completely unprepared for it. Fortunately for me, it’s a direct task with a clear path of activities and a known quality mandate that is enforced externally.

I think the only thing actually bothering me at the moment is the commute; it’s less than ten minutes away, but I’ve yet to find a time of day that doesn’t result in a 45 minute to 1 hour commute. This makes me wish that teleworking were more popular (even as I know I would commit far too many hours if it were).

All in all, not a bad situation by a long shot.


As with most of life,
The perspective makes the mood…
Cautiously content.