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I present to you a smoking gun…

As more and more proof continues to stream into the public eye on things like this, I have gone from being activated to being mooted before the reality of how profoundly incompetent humans are as a species.

Not only did these people know what they were doing was catastrophic to the future sustainability of our species and requisite biosphere, they are, even until this moment, as I type, still obfuscating and roadblocking both education and progress on remediation.

Truly, this is the time of the beautiful ones and an ill moment in which to exist as impotently as we humans seem to… this report a la ‘smoking gun’ lands almost comically without attention or flash; how do you get people to pay attention and care in a time when no one else does and there is so much noise and distortion that even those who do struggle to squelch the overtly inaccurate, yet strangely zealous factional divisions that seem to be consuming our nation.

Turns out that all our vaunted industrialism is and was always a pillaging for profit. Demonstrated. Evidenced. Fact.

I don’t know about you, but I genuinely wish it were possible to live as a human and NOT be affiliated or associated with these systems of corruption and decay. Alas, there is no place left upon which some self-righteous profiteer has not urinated.

So tired am I now
These revelations hurt us
Until we cure them