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Impressionist Human (haiku chain)

Fantastic delight
From afar, found intriguing,
Compelling closeness

Like a solar flare;
Fractal curiosity,

Everyone wants fire;
The sense of the purest spark,
So unquenchable.

No thought to physics,
Careless of reality;
How skin and bone burn.

Wanting sultry heat
That is cool to human touch;
Oh, Contradiction!

Dreams, like ashes, fall
In wake of the solar wind,
Summoned without thought.

Hungry element
Whose proximity transforms
“This” to “Something else”.

No one wants to burn;
Seeing only the ending,
Never beyond it.

Terror of scorched earth
Sends away life in panic
All that’s left is charred

The short-sighted eye
Sees only devastation
Hides its face and weeps

Easy to forget
How seasons, turning, bring life
Tendrils and flowers

How the ashy ground
Nourishes and nurtures it,
As choked land could not.

Fire strike at distance
Ever a beautiful thing
Or so it is said

But to ask the sun
Would bring another answer
Quoth: “Only lonely.”