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It’s all being proven!

EPR (popularly known as ‘quantum entanglement’) proves not only that everything is connected, but that everything is interdependent. And by everything, I mean both that which we can observe and that which we never will but can deduce from the negative space containing that scattered information… known ever after to us only as ‘the imponderable’.

We assume that because we find Hawking Radiation at long range that the information has been ‘transformed’ and ‘scrambled’; but in fact, it no longer exists here except as a radioactive emission.

In that negative space, that parallel place, that unseen time and all it contains, the encyclopedia sits upon a librarian’s shelf and neither it nor the librarian could imagine our entire planet of researchers and scientists feverishly debating their quaint reality as our “imponderable”… as if sheer preponderance can force it into visibility.

Every perturbation, eventually, affects the system entire.

Knowing this, how eager should we be to perturb the systems upon which we rely for life’s continuance?

The pattern is the pattern is the pattern; both in unity and in opposition and behind the veil in dimensions we may yet find, if we manage to live long enough.

I wish I could. I want to live until I’m bored. It would take infinity and I’m ok with that.

ER = EPR is fact and I have been postulating it since 1980 in theoretical work. Susskind reveals the magic of the maths that I cannot attain and I am so thankful to have lived long enough to see it made obvious to the world.