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January in Seattle = Coooold

We had snow today. I haven’t seen snow “in the city” (i.e., west of the cascades) since 2008, even I know some areas east of us (but still inside the Cascades) often do.

Stood out there waiting on my bus for 1.5 hours before deciding that, if I didn’t want to (a) freeze or (b) miss my morning meetings, I was going to need to get back upstairs to the office at home and VPN into work. So I did. (Nothing worse than looking forward to getting ‘out and about’ and being stuck at home, let me tell you.)

Exciting time, right? I know I’m thrilled. (wry grin)

But I’m not sick anymore, and things are steadying out with work, so improvement on all fronts (no need of it at home; J makes me happy!).

No much more to report; Seattle is having a cold winter, I am well, and life is good.

I could go on about the game I am currently enjoying, but that seems a bit nerdy. (Level capped in a month… I’m almost ashamed, except it speaks to how well the game is made that the story of it pushed me into this kind of rush when that’s so very counter to my usual play interests and style.)

Like I said, life is good. 🙂


A true gift in life,
To have contentment and peace;
A thing to savor