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Just call me “Cassandra” (grins to you-know-who)

On September 3rd, 2011, the prediction made long ago came true:

To anyone who might still be reading this newsgroup:

Over the past few years, a couple of us have been funding the panix account at which the moderation software for this newsgroup is hosted. Given the minuscule traffic here, and what  looks like the imminent death of usenet, it’s hard to justify the $100/year that it’s costing us to keep the lights on here. The billing cycle has the account up for renewal on 9/15/2011 and our current intention is not to continue paying for the account. If there’s anyone who wants to take over the account, now is the time to speak up.

— Paul Harwood

As toasty comfy as it feels for a moment to be proven right, it remains that I am saddened to see what once was a thriving online community choked out of existence due to the vested interests of a few in maintaining their version of “status quo” at the expense of possibility.

The ridiculous “logic” that once was used to force this unwanted outcome:

Rough statistical analyses have shown that 12% to 25% of misc.writing’s traffic could be considered on-charter in misc.writing.moderated.  Similar rough analysis of the traffic in alt.writing, which has recently averaged about 90 posts per day, showed that 63% of the traffic there could be considered on-charter in misc.writing.moderated.

Has also proven itself; as if 12% to 25% (in actuality, it was oft admitted that number was on the lower end rather than the higher one) was sufficient, and as if alt.writing was ever expected to embrace a moderated group. But no! Let not such silly things as reality impede the dreamy desires of those who must control!

The abandonment that began scant years (2004 onward) after its creation should have been enough to trigger corrective action but, as is so often the way with Those Who Shall Not Be Swayed, it took six more beyond this for the last of them to admit that traffic was never truly more than “miniscule”. Perhaps it was lost in the fog of mutual admiration? Regardless, sad.

I suppose it is also understandable (albeit humorous) that the further justification of the “imminent death of usenet” is needed. I mean, there’s just nothing about to serve a viable alternative for a writer’s group for writers. *coughs and points to discussion lists, forums, blogs, social media groups, et al*

No, no, and alas, there is simply no help for keeping the spirit of misc.writing alive now that there are no minions to lord over and, so, the populace having been riven and driven away, naturally, there is naught to do but give up. Well, unless someone cares to step in and pay for the account, because, as has already been well proven, there simply are no free alternatives to be had these days. (chuckle)

Ah memory! The original request, carried by a storm of self-righteousness and a small handful of eager stokers before the altar of “MINE!” –

R.I.P. Misc.Writing, circa 2000 (Even if some can only admit to their hand in it when convenient “other reasons” allow. *cough*)

First of the Viragos,
First of the Shameless Shunned,
First of the Disinterested-Thus-Disallowed,
(But having the last laugh since 2000, even if you couldn’t realize it;
and yes, in fact, I DO laugh best, thank you for asking!)

p.s.: Zero, Mama, Anghara, sister Viragos, and Those Who Always Knew Better – I miss you… still.