autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

KLF Spectrum Alert: Lateral is Literal (and vice versa)

LINE 1: Literal is lateral and lateral is literal and all is as it should be

LINE 2: It is the mind that seeks to know the thing that crafts the fait accompli

LINE 3: The consciousness of a human who thinks it knows could not ever forsee

LINE 4: That tis the quiet of the mind most real, sun on head, banana, safe in the tree

LINE 5: Fie arrogance and the grasping hand and corrupt mantra, ‘so mote it be’

LINE 6: Heralds of the imponderable truth… jesters at the court of probability

LINE 7: With Occam, king, and Salome, queen, miniscule range of possibility

LINE 8: Thus with somber, contemptuous disgain, once more great soliloquy

LINE 9: ‘neath it all, no less the same, for all emergent neurodiversities

LINE 10: Tis the cycle and the circle, perfection from which we cannot yet break free

LINE 11: Thus even in our most blessed form, cursed and tethered by animal ferocity

LINE 12: We sit, back to our door, faced with our feckless pomposity, and

LINE 13: We shit upon one another, afraid to just live and let it be

LINE 14: Because Literal is lateral and lateral is literal and all is as it should be…


Convenient Break:

Meaning is where you find it, it’s where you fail to, too; show me what is meaningful and you tell me all about you.


Later, rinse, repeat, until…the pyramids rise.

p.s.: Your roll is scrytch – appropriating as appropriate. Your problem is you need more mash in your mixups. So you don’t need to do less of it, you need to do more. Make them cultural references pieces woven so thickly that no one element can claim infringement. All but unrecognizable to make of the ‘creative’ impulse, the arrogance of its own core.