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Knowledge, faith, certainty, and such

Random reply to someone else, somewhere else:

We have all the clue we ever need, if we’re willing to actually f’ing look at it and just accept it as it is: Energy does not die, it merely changes form.

The truth? Ok. The truth is paradox; both at once and neither, and all of it at the same time.

How do you know what you know? Why, you believe you know it, of course.

How does that differ from faith? It doesn’t.

Why do you need to think it does? Because there’s part of you that screams the longest and loudest and most sincerely at the unavoidable question mark hiding behind every statement of “fact”; the ultimate unknown.

The sun will rise tomorrow. Unless of course, the rarity, the unprovable possibility occurs and it doesn’t.

But since it hasn’t for X period of time, there is a level of certainty that it will not do so.

And since we cannot calculate that unprovable possibility to a  certainty, we shall treat its presence as the “point at which it may as well be a certainty” and then, adopt it as if it is a certainty.

And we shall have faith in it. And for our faith, it will reward us with comfort and the sense that we actually know something.

Scientific faith in its method is no different than Theological faith in its method. An idol is an idol is an idol, especially when that idol is the great and graven “god” of knowing.

How do you know what you know? You believe that you know it. How long do you actually know anything? Only in the moment you experience it. How do you know what you knew? You do not, you construct your best belief of it and carry it within you as faith; in yourself, in your experience, in your story, and as your security blanket against that horrible question mark that sits, upon the vanishing point, and heckles you softly for trying to escape it.

Hrm. I think I need more coffee.