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Lament for Talshalan

Loremaster, StarFriend, Kaldorei fair
Rainbow light turned to darkness
No more will you dance in the fields
No more will you rest in panther spirit
Turning from the flickering fire
You walked a path of twilight
Its clammy fog now enfolds you
Oh starlight that was your eyes
Turned to eternal night
Talshalan who once smiled
Pathfinder, Soulkeeper, Diamond
You who lead the lost to hope
Oh gentle, tender spirit turned
What power so fell could claim
What once you gave the world
A voice that spoke peace
A tender, healing hand
A spirit of delight
A gentle, caring friend
In spite of death, you but slumber
In dreaming you will ever live
A blanket of stardust and wishes
Softly woven by hands that love
Wrapping you in hope
Against the claw of shadow
Sleep deeply, dream well, Pathfinder
Until you might awaken
Within some happier moment
Within another world
Where you may yet rise
Strong as a newborn sun