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latenight news break

The oddities of life are amusing. Just when you think you have a grasp on things, a chance or change will come along and put you right back on your tookus. If you cannot learn to laugh at it, you will spend your entire life out of breath, angry, or crying.

Personally, I prefer laughter.

The inspiration for this little rambling bit of thought is something about which I cannot yet openly speak. This, as the saying goes, sucketh. However, I can coyly paint its outlines and giggle for having it “there” to do so; be all eight years old and skipping around the subject just to enjoy seeing how close I can get to it while not quite giving it away.

There are now four people in the world (well, ok, five, if you count the recipient) who know what the heck I am talking about… and, if I had to put it to the guess, perhaps three more who will take the time to play along and squirm for wondering.

Consider me leaning in closer as I say that something I love to do (and might be mildly proficient at doing) may have a chance to bloom into much more than an obssessive hobby.

If you can’t figure out enough to know “something” through the previous statement, well, you’re just not paying attention.

So there! (Yes, you may consider me poking out my tongue rather rudely at you, but you should also note the grin around it, indicating humor.)

In other news…

It’s official; I’m twitterpated. That’s right, folks! Full-bore, hard-core, wanting more, and that’s for sure! 100% googly-eyed and damn near incoherent for trying to keep myself from drooling. (Did I mention that I care not for looking a fool? Or being one? That I remain convinced that life simply cannot be what it should if I spend all my time caring more for “how I look” than “how I feel”? No? Well, consider it said.)

This, m’friends, is the best damned feeling in life. In fact, the only way it could possibly be any better would be [redacted… for now].

In still other news…

Whilst in pursuit of the delight mentioned at the top of this post, I have had the most unusual need to reach out to someone I had no intention of as much as breezing by with bother in this life. It is strangely fitting that the last contact be as bereft of more than calm inquiry than the long ago first. It feels somehow fitting and perhaps even “full circle”; the sense of certainty that at long last, this too, has passed.

An admission, the previous paragraph isn’t really news, but I’m running out of news and the only thing left will soon be some silly prattle of prose or poem to mark this spot in life’s field.

sprung from inertia
the wheel of life spins
like a childhood cartwheel
all pell-mell-reckless,
dizzying and dangerous
as only living can be
i love the feeling of freedom
the comfort of infinite possibility
strung like pearls, a mala,
whose mantra I am constantly chanting
contradictory being
a loop of the infinite
mobius, i salute you
with giggles and gasps
flip reality on its head
to kiss you secretly in the open
the only befitting way
losing even my capitals
tossing them up and away
fie on the rules, i say
kiss me again

(MP3 recording available: Infinite Possibility)