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Letter to my representatives in Congress regarding the ECPA and COPPA

(The following, a modified version of the form found at: the Dot Rights Campaign, asks my representatives in Congress to protect me and my information as if I were their own child; after all, they ARE supposed to look out for my best interests as if a parent. – ed.)

Why is it that everyone seems to understand the need for COPPA, but that understanding fails miserably when considering the need for privacy and protection of adults? Are your adult constituents less deserving of these protections? Are they not, in fact, MORE needful of things like COPPA and…:

Robust Protection of All Personal Electronic Information – Current loopholes in our privacy laws must be closed to ensure that electronic information, including most transactional communications, receives full warrant protection regardless of their age or nature.

Safeguarding of Location Information – My location as transmitted by my cell phone is clearly personal information. Government officials should have to obtain a warrant based on probable cause before accessing it.

Appropriate Oversight and Reporting Requirements – Existing reporting requirements for wiretap orders must be extended to all types of law enforcement surveillance requests.

Suppression Remedies – The same rules should apply for electronic and non-electronic information; if it’s illegally obtained it should not be used against me in court.

Reasonable Exceptions – My records should only be viewed in a true emergency with informed consent and proper notice.

It’s a fact, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) is woefully out of date. Just take a moment to consider how YOUR electronic activities have changed since 1986 and then, realize that none of those changes have protection. They should, don’t you think?

Privacy of email, search terms, cloud computing and cell phone location information are critical components of a strong technology future; if you do not support your consumers, who will?

The Framers of the Constitution expected all Americans would be secure in their “persons, houses, papers, and effects.”

I ask you to restore privacy for all electronic communications by updating ECPA to accord all of us the privacy and protections necessary for a thriving digital domain.