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Life Lessons From Cats

the truth in nature that we most like to deny

is the truth of nature that our own evils decry

the secret best hidden while sitting in plain sight

the secret worst heeded that creates today’s plight

yet within almost every home or in neighborhoods each day

once more the public secret is naturally on display

all cats know all cats are cats, all dogs, they know this, too

so say all the species of this place, excepting it seems, me and you

shall we call upon Occam’s razor or perhaps on Newton’s declarations

regardless, get the same outcomes, the ego giving offended protestations

as with any diamond truth, disbelief does not the universe reshape

as with all who lived before, disbelief is stamped within every human ape

so then, what great progress, what brilliant future have humans made

by delusional insistence that we are “more” or that we “control” displayed

what control upon our biosphere, depleted, shorn, and tattered

what more might have we done, what control should have mattered

humans are no apex species, much more a nadir of destructive seed

that abuses, that consumes, that destroys, regardless of future need

while every, single, day, humans encounter humbler, quiet proofs

within the beings who share our lives and live beneath our roofs

all cats know all cats are cats, all dogs of dogs, all but me and you,

what might the future become were we to as fully know this, too