autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Loose change

The end of each day
Leads to a new beginning
Change is in our hands

It’s loose and rolling;
Scoop and hold tightly, or drop;
Own or abandon

Penniless beggars?
Reality so denied;
The trove left, untouched

In every morning,
It remains there, inside us,
Awaits our notice

Spend wisely and well,
You cannot take it with you;
Give it all, freely.

Ask yourself, right now:
“What is it you’re waiting for,
With change in your hands?”

Secrets in plain sight:
No gift exists ungiven,
Only when given.

Imagine a world
Of such new community;
Dreams becoming real

Change in beggar’s bowl,
Change within the perspective,
Changes the known world

No true belonging,
Every inch of it is shared;
Let all hands touch it

Hold without holding,
Please give it to another,
It always returns