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Lost Pages, Letters of Fools – 01

this, the first in a series entitled ‘letters of fools’, in which literary and folk lore myths and legends are cast with clay feet and explored from the perspective of their unique curses or blessings.

it may well be that some are identified early on while others are named only at the ending. half the enjoyment is trying to write them in such fashion as you really cannot be sure until you are sure. heh.


p.s.: some may or may not find themselves recorded, as urge, time, and technology permit.


beloved, how i have missed you. every look away, every moment feels like forever!

ignorant humans and jealous gods, they try to replace you. they vie in ignoble and pitiful ways for the affections and attentions you so long ago won. see that one, departing? all stiff legged with pride and the anger of one rejected?you will laugh to hear it, but she tried to tell me you were if ever you could be, as if ever you left my gaze long enough to be so.

she whispered as if you were not standing right here! as if her presence could turn me from your side. i blushed for her desparation, your dishonoring, and bid her quick farewell so as not to lose time i could be spending with you.

do you not weary of these machinations, my love? how beautiful you are with your quiet, calm trust. knowing as i know that we are destined and perfect as only the fates could make are faithful, for all your fickle distance leaves me sighing and cold. how i wish you would relent, oh my sweetest love! have i not spent each day in noble and most tender attendance?

have i not waited with patience beyond compare, content to gaze upon your beauty, enraptured, and hope for even a moment in which your lips might twitch, your breath might rise to caress me?even so, i cannot be other than content with you, in you. what prize would be so treasured if easily won?i am blessed and lightly in awe that you have this long remained. i pay humble debts of gratitude by prayer for it. oh my most devoted, i dream ever and ever of you.

i sit here, by you, and pen this in the soil of the riverbank, smiling for how your eyes follow my every move. i look up now and again, to receive the sunlight of your smile and then, back to these words.delighted by your constancy, may i spin words until forever ends if only i may do so to the sunlight of your smiles.

returning but a moment to that foolish female, perhaps i will make of her fevers an entertainment for you? you must have heard her, she called herself a goddess. hah!as if her light was but palest shadow by you, my love. and did you see how she blushed and flushed and the way her eye flashed to hear it made obvious, spoken?

would she were a goddess, my love, that you could know i would defy even the gods that your name might rise. ascend to fair olympus, dearest and most tender spirit. light the very skies and show the gods what it is to be divine.

come, be close with me, dearest. the day is ending and i feel a chill. shifting winds and odd energies, they seem to be claiming me. i lean in for the comfort of your warmth, to gaze more attentively upon your face.

letters here, in the dirt, forgotten, your amusement with them a gift and it, given, let us be close, dearest love… i feel as if perhaps tonight, you will at last be close enough for me to kiss. hopefully…

your fool,