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M-m-m-my Samaya

I particularly enjoyed finding and reading this as it occurs to me that all beings are teachers and, when we are fully open to the world, all beings are both potential recipients of Samaya and potential blessings to us in sharing theirs…. this is, to me, an auspicious aspiration.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, August 7, 2010:

“The root of Vajrayana practice is the samaya. Many of my senior disciples know about that, but there may be some new disciples, and so the samaya, the root of samaya or the actual samaya, is love, and that love is a bond that keeps us connected throughout many lifetimes.

That is a bond between disciples and disciples, and lamas and disciples, and so forth. If we do not let this bond pass, if we do not interrupt this bond of love, which is the samaya, then from lifetime to lifetime in the future we will meet again and benefit and help each other.

For others, if we cut that samaya, that bond of love with each other, then we can only harm each other in the future.

And so the samaya between disciple and disciple and disciple and lama is very precious and important. It is necessary that we observe this samaya and not allow it to be interrupted–also because throughout all time we have had this positive samaya.

That is way in this lifetime, sharing the connection of practicing the Vajrayana together, and in order to benefit each other again and again in the future, it is important that all of us observe our samaya, that we do not give rise to anger and jealousy toward each other.”