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Maitri Meditation (haiku chain)

The mashed mudita
A yukon gold potato
Victim of hunger

Like sawdust and sand
Served upon a plate called life
With “such” seasoning

Where, the former care?
What happened to the feeling
Of slow enjoyment?

Hands, finding the form
That hides beneath summer soil,
Gift of sweet treasure?

Somewhere, on the way
Joy of life and sustainment
Turned to food for feast

Sacrifice to teeth
Always so ready to bite
Sharp, ever needy

Soft sense of maitri
Melting like pat of butter
Over cooked, split form

Plate upon table
Metaphor, the meal of life
A boiled potato

Mashed, cut into halves
By the knife of our choices
We cling to the skin

Sprinkled with spices
Anger, hatred, and desire
Soothed by pats of love

A meditation
On early weekend morning
Seeking nourishment