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Malmo (haiku chain)

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the king of winter
wrapped in frost of self-loathing
cools the very world

unbearable heat
found in all others, in life
burns away the ice

a twisted loving
hypothermia, embraced
for fear of failing

deep within the snow
delicate and shivering
cold, lonely, winsome

i remember you
that old once-upon-a-time
sun shining fairly

coffee in a jar
chain-smoking on the sidewalk
holding forth ideals

i did not feel cold
no thought that you were freezing
seeing, not perceived

memories of then
how i knew we were such friends
frieze in a snow globe

thinking about now
you wintering in malmo
far from the old ice

it was in my dream
that i saw you shivering
i awoke, just now

snowflakes on a page
i trace the outine loosely
already it fades

yet the seed remains
i set it upon the sill
that it may dream spring