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Mantra or Study?

I’m a little torn on deciding what to next pursue in the way of articles for this place. The ‘basics’ as it were include Ngöndo, the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and the various empowerments and practices that support these things. There are a host of mantras and studies that might be explicated here, any of which would be a helpful effort, but I’m feeling the urge to do something a little more off the beaten path from the traditional with this place.

Problem is, I am not quite sure what that should be. The impetus for this place was the notion that, to the degree we’re all part of the living, changing Sangha, the things I engage with or think about as part of my practice might be helpful to share. But frankly, much of what I engage with, think about, or practice is more than a little ‘personalized’ and I can’t be sure that would be helpful to anyone but me.

It’s most likely that I’m simply worrying too much and should just ‘do as I do’ and ‘be as I be’. Hrm.

There may be a bit of a lapse while I figure this out, or until the motivation to do something specific overwhelms the sense of need to consider what should be done.

I appreciate your patience.