autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.


Tenderest tender, transformer,
carefully mixing mother with merriment
caretaker of the little boy
cultivation from cradle to grave

Periodic regeneration, the calling of mind
to goblets; chiseled crystal and mead,
as the buzzing of the hive, stills and,
another sheds the husk, ascending

Nurse, nymph, and nurturer
rippling richness that flows, unending
a river of lush sweetness, freely given
infinite rendering of the seed into form

Priestess of earth and (some say) the moon,
tamer of wild things through compassion;
let the gentle rush of honey be
an endless flow, assuring life’s fullness

All secrets, kept, all promises, fulfilled,
the paths through darkened places, illuminated;
by amber, by shadows riven, the rocky loneliness
turned to honeyed smoothness by your hand

Humble honey bee, raised higher by praise
industrious, creative spark, bound by delight
spinning waxen walled whimsy, symmetrical home;
long and long may the twinned paths twine and run

Mudita and mindfulness before the vista;
may the seasons throng with blooms,
may the bowers bend, heavy with fruition
may the peace therein be eternal

Om ah hung
Om ah hung
Om ah hung