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Message to @AnonymousOfcl: On inevitability, Mr. Anderson

TL;DR – They really think they have you now, Mr. Anderson. (The Kinks)

This is a very nice piece of propaganda, but it IS propaganda.

You do realize that there comes a point where vocal opposition without action becomes support, yes?

For that matter, any vocal opposition without action is support. If not in the irony of their dissent mirroring the very stance of their opposition, then in the realization that saying what you’re going to do is little more than telegraphing your punch.

This manner of propaganda is beneath the noble goal of supporting the foundational tenets of natural human law and rights. But maybe I’m the confused one – you’re the sharp end of the stick that belongs to #WeThePeople, right? That makes you the true presidents and leaders, yes?

I mean, if we go by the above I just set forth, then that is precisely what you are…. unless of course, you’re just another prong on the fork that is currently poking #WeThePeople as hard as it can in as many ways as it can.

Between you ( and me, I think I prefer the video/post that was a bit less “patriotic” (or psyoptic):  

It’s quite the rabbit hole, if you think about it.

Is Anonymous a convenient (deep) cover for machinations driven by the political and powerful?

Is Anonymous a truly grassroots movement?

Even if it was truly the pointy end of the #WeThePeople stick when it began, how likely is it that it has remained so over time?

I suppose what I’m saying is – look to your house, Anonymous. At a critical point of growth and cohesion of message, agentic personalities intent upon their own arrive, like antibodies, to purge the infection. If I can tilt this fake mirror so easily, what might a true reflection of “what is” demonstrate?

At some point, anonymity flips and becomes the shadows, where no one sees what happens because no one is looking because you taught them it was safe.

A koan and pun in one for you:

Is Anonymous’ anonymous for protection’s protection?


A bored and mildly bemused analyst on an unexpected day off. 

p.s.: I’m a weak, distant connector myself. Prefer design to deployment. But, the things my head can imagine are surpassed only rarely by the things that actually do. Oddly, when used for good, this makes me an excellent product designer/manager/owner. #IChallengeMyEthicsEveryDay #IThink2DamnMuch #IAbuseHashtags