autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.


Admiration before the mirror
Refraction rather than reflection
Seeing things that are not there
Hopeful glance, clouded, missing clarity

They say they are seen in despair
Mostly by the dehydrated lost;
Stumbling through unforgiving deserts
Searching for relief, for respite

Categorically denied, reality;
As a vanishing point shimmers and twists
Sending nebulous shapes, threads of hope
To be woven into fantasy fabric vision

It is the way of humans, of course,
To blame the world, or fickle, changing air
Never the inner being that gives such things
More than their natural, illusory form

Remembering what is, I am laughing;
For foolish forms that, by my mind, dance;
For thirsty, desert dwellers, all too human,
Seeking oasis in an ephemeral world.