autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Mirror, mirror….

Mirror, mirror, within thee
Reflects hopes and fears upon me
A weight from which I will be free
Your abandonment brings liberty

Denial of my truth and worth
Amnesia of care since your birth
Familial connection? Only dearth.
The sheer hypocrisy commanding mirth.

“I’ve never done such to you!”
Ripe denial set in plain view
Archives reveal I speak true
Has now your rationality flew?

Upon furthest lines, awaiting;
You? Be bothered with participating?
Such madness I admit contemplating;
While you, only miles demarcating.

In my life, a room ever awaited you
A door, unlocked, in open view;
One which, had you but walked through,
Would your fears have bloodily slew.

No act by me for you is ever enough;
But to burn, to spurn me? Never tough.
Nowhere in sight when going gets rough,
Conveniently, nearby while getting stuff!

I said we needed to be closer as family,
Your answer was to stealth move from me.
I said perhaps we could engage therapy,
Your answer? To go on attack with glee.

I said, “No more. You win. Fly free.”
Your only seem intent on hurting me.
You don’t seem to get it’s a validation to see.
Always the best proof, validation independently.

I care not to hear such hatred directed at me;
You keep on sending it though, I suppose ‘naturally’,
Dutiful as ever, I’ll set filters accordingly,
Until you realize I meant it when I said, “Free.”