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MMO Choices That Actually Matter

Intercept – Defeat enemy faction members and collect their tears!

Seriously? Seriously.

Collect their weapons. Collect their badges. Collect their rank insignia. Collect their RINGS.

That you choose THIS says much… and very little of it as good a look as it seems you think.

Succinctly, you have a choice to support toxicity or community in your game. While you are definitely supporting A community with this particular choice, I’d be fascinated to understand your assertion by use that the toxicity of this concept and its history are worthy of official repetition.

Then, if you would, point me to the historical instances of such behavior (i.e., Rwanda, Tibet, Vietnam, et al) and tell me:

Are they cast as instances of heroic excellence, sportsmanship, and ethic? Any of them?

Are they cast as ‘just war’ or ‘total war’?

Are they considered war crimes or are they lauded?

Because frankly, the only tears I’m seeing are from those who wish they could force the market to like what they like but who clearly have NOT considered the reality in which we are living… fantasy is now a world of cooperative and collectible collaborations with bordered arenas a la pits where the gladiators can self reinforce their delusion that competitive predation has not, in scientific fact, rapidly deteriorated our literal biosphere.

“It’s just a game” is the death rattle of a dying hawk… necrophilia is also generally shunned. #JustSaying

((This topic in it’s entirety written with sincere tongue in cheek. Hell, I’m damn near biting the thing OFF at this point. If you took any of it as more than “please choose something less CRINGY AF” that’s on you.))