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MMORPG: Bad Faith Marketing Tactics

Company: Blizzard Entertainment

Payment Processor: Adyen

Infraction: Inability to decline permission to retain CC data after purchase. Judged bad faith as purchase of battletag change allows this decline, but subscription does not because….?

(They don’t want you to have to explicitly renew. They know you most likely will forget. They will profit from helping it be easier for you to forget, and more effort to reverse. #BADFAITH)

Ticket US81984915 as submitted (image captured, below):

Feedback on user experience while attempting to return to your game. It took me two minutes of intensive resistance to your process attempting to shunt me out of wanting to speak with a human. This is not typically what one expects of a “get me to support, please” request.

Regardless, here I am. I’m asking you to forward this item to your product marketing team/website team/user experience folks, and anyone they think could benefit from reading it.

You will note I am not subscribed. This falls on you for allowing a shifty, bad-faith attempt to retain my payment information for YOUR convenience, masquerading as MY convenience.

Yes, I noticed that line and it cost you a spendy whale of a customer.

Maybe don’t assume I want my credit card information in yet another database someday doomed to be publicly revealed as “Not as secure as we were lead to believe”.

But more importantly, you’re trying to deliberately make it hard for me to avoid auto renewal. And that, friend, is bad faith. #facts

I no longer spend my money with companies who act in bad faith. Even if they have pretty panels talking about lofty concepts that their marketing practices glaringly do NOT reflect.

Shame on you. And GG, you played yourself.

edit: They have since closed this ticket as ‘resolved’. I’ll leave it to you to imagine if my feedback went much of anywhere. (cough)