autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

morning glory

Deep in the shadow of despair
sat I, curled like a morning glory
too long denied the sun
the moisture of my dying
soft tears upon stony ground
No chance, thought I
for rescue
roots clinging fearfully to
the only soil I’ve ever known
Canopy of dreams
so far above as to be the sky
dark for their distance
as I bend
under the weight
of my own thoughts
left too long alone
rustling to remind myself
I exist
I hope
I believe
you will come
The wind has changed
where once its soulful moaning
a softening, it lifts, it lilts
I tremble, hopeful spasm
lift my weary mind
reach out a tendril, seek light
like one blind
and find you
warm, steady, strong
bringing life you arrive
with spring upon your lips
bending to kiss me
careful not to bruise
tender petals
not yet able
to withstand
the heat of you
Shakily turning to your light
spreading, opening, reaching
ah, you remain
darling softly
kiss me alive
nourish me
encourage me
to accept you
to hold you, and
with tremulous leaves
I will