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Morning thoughts, day 19435

Did you know the United Nations is pushing something called “ID2020“? 

Have you actually thought about how easy it is to profile and track you thanks to technology you willingly carry in your pocket? 

So much argument about “whether or not its real”. How real do you need it to be? There is the website. This is the difference between the opinion many accuse me of and the fact to which I am referring. 

Damnation, the dichotomies.

All culture now rife with umbrage, we collapse inward and obfuscate in the name of ‘plausible deniability’ – because resolution is anathema to the machine; there must only, ever be dispute over differing perspectives and to set them against one another in the arena of arbitration, debate, legislation, and regulation. 

And we call this correct, we call it ‘law’, and we deem it proper.

Still, innocents, destroyed or wounded. We call it ‘acceptable’, but only when it cannot touch ourselves. 

Somehow, we have managed to eliminate accountability while simultaneously divesting from our own authority (ironically, in the name of determining blame with certainty), acquiescing all cases lacking it… contributing to the illusion of plausible deniability… that “my point of certainty” is the same as “certainty”.

We are always so certain. We are always so wrong. We call the cyclic trials and errors ‘progress’. We call it ‘science’. We hold ourselves up as ‘rational’. 

At no moment does it seem that we challenge ourselves willingly. We challenge only under duress and so, only under duress do we change (even then, only as temporarily as the circumstances and, even then, until the rate of change eclipses our capacity to adapt).   

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been talking (and cautioning, and warning) about these things since the 1980s. For me, it’s frustrating how little interest people have for this topic.

For me, it seems the last and most viscerally animal parts of us cling to tribalism and the issue of sovereignty as if there is any verifiable evidence AT ALL to treat the human species as distinct a species from the remainder of those upon/within the planet IN ANY WAY.

Axiom: We are one species on this planet, and we are directly responsible for our choices in how we have divided and managed the resources required to sustain humanity. 

This planet is abused by us. 

This planet’s resources have been, are, and continued to be wasted by us.

Every bit of that abuse and waste is a direct result of our collective history to date; one of repeated cycles of dominance/submission, tribalism/sovereignty, and a steadfast refusal to accept the fact of our shared membership of species; let alone recognizing we are but one species within an infinitely and interdependently connected system.  

Every system of understanding defined has predicated on the cherished axiom that is “I”… the observer.

All that in any way rebukes this unbalanced assertion is mooted.

Still, it remains; a silent truth, a quiet fact, its very lack of need to respond being its best and most pointed proof.

What observer, this human? We see but a sliver of light, our senses are blunted from the moment of birth until the last breath. We even accept (albeit at micro levels) that somethings cannot be fully known. 

And yet we insist, persist, that we alone are supreme. Why? Well because nothing has shown up to prove us wrong. Dominance/submission, neurochemical addiction, bonds of our shared biology with this planet.

It is all connected, you see. In ways we may never, fully comprehend. But we need only comprehend this is the case to contemplate the need for adaptation. 

Because that is what our species is, what it does, and very likely why it ever evolved into being at all. 

Are we evolved enough to accept with humility the fact of our connectedness? 

Are we evolved enough to acknowledge that we must work as a species if our species is to survive? 

Are we evolved enough to aspire to being a species that moves forward together, or not at all?

(This being the fact of that which is “life”; the paradoxical micro and macro applications between the “me”, the “you”, the “us” and the “them”, “humans” and “animals” and “plants” and “planets”, and galaxies, and universes, and….???)

We roll in the decay of our history and argue over who is better while the environment in which it is possible to become better dies beneath us. 

We must reverse this introversion of perspective, lest we fall. 

Lest we fail.

Lest we end.

We cannot permit corporations and governments to decide this, our shared species’ fate. This “United Nations” is, to me, farcical; attempting to create something new by insisting everyone constrain themselves to something ancient, crumbling, and clearly obsolete. 

What we need is a Federation Earth; a human democracy. 

What we need is cooperative, collaborative coexistence based upon a fundamental Right of Being; comprised of a Right to Exist and an Accountability for Existence.

What we need is a consensus-driven mode of governance that provides depth of accessibility and demands participation and reliability to reap benefits.

What we need is a culture of enlightened shared-interests as humans; celebrate differences, yes, but remain devoted to promoting evolution of species en whole.

But the words are all ruined, it seems. Too easily labeled and too many labels exist. Everyone refining the dichotomies, not seeming to understand they’re breaking us down… literally. 

I speak of no Utopia. I desire no Socialism. I reject Communism. 

I would call this “Sambaddha”, from the Sanskrit for ‘meaningful connection’.

Sambaddhism: Highly pluralistic, operating within the limitations of the environment, granting the planet systems and their continued health rightful place in the context of human endeavor.

This is how I know we are evolutionary infants… that our ability to conceive of such thoughts exists, but we are wholly unable to consistently enact them

Systems evolve into complexity; they collapse when it becomes unsustainable. History says we approach terminal velocity, the global circumstance seems to echo it. 

What we do here, now, matters. 

I always feel somewhat melancholy that it seems all I can consistently do is write. 

It is what it is. As am I. May we all progress, together.