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Mountain Memory

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Strong counselor, galciated and towering
Beneath its frosty ridge, we scurried;
Like rabbits, we rustled in its thickets,
In riven wonders and wildflowers,
Abundant with life that teemed
Over basalt and andesite, then fell.
We too, fell, eyes cast down by sunlight,
The fierce glint from lofty peaks splintered us,
Sent our vision tumbling over precipices,
Bouncing our eyes from valley wall to rocky shores
As lahars of wonder flowed.
Nisqually to The Sound, we roamed for the day;
Silent and staring upon the White Sentinel,
The Mother of Waters, grand Kobah,
Who gazed back with a stoicism only managed by mountains;
Enduring us as graciously as she has the ages.
We tiptoed, tremulous as mice, making mock tremors;
Mindful of the the majesty, snapping pixelated memories,
Something to gaze upon and sigh for, come tomorrow;
When arrogant walls about us, we once more bend to work;
Making so many mountains of molehills as if ever we
Could hope to raise our efforts to such glorious heights.