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NCFM is coming… mark your calendar! is on its way… and I cannot wait to hear the presentations and data.

Those pumpkin spice people know nothing, Jon Snow, and this conference is at the forefront of flipping the world on its head both figuratively and literally as new findings are consistently up-ending soft-science theory with peer-reviewed, replicated facts.

It is impossible to tell you what a profound difference this science will make in future, but I can already tell you this:

  • the definition of humanity is coming and it is not likely to be what we think,
  • the reality of bio-organic machines will be writ large by both epigenetics, neuroanatomy, and as odd as it may sound now, quantum gravity,
  • the entirety of humanity’s card house shall be undone with the realization that not only are we not superior in the criteria that matter most, but that, in fact, we have actively subverted both our genome and our biosphere trying to ‘master’ it,

Probability weighs heavily on the side of exponentially critical, cascading failures as the ramifications here alone manifest.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it… I feel fine.”