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Nightshade (haiku chain)

He recalls nightshade
Speaking of old memory
Rekindled feeling

Richly blooming life and death,
Apropos, I think

Old memory, stirs
Gives savor for seasoning
One taste, transient

His words make me smile
I feel his recognition
The same as my own

These gifts, then and now,
All patterns known, repeating
As nature, so life

Beginnings, endings,
Contained in one another,
Each, the other, births

This moment, passing
Makes the next one possible
Death brings it to life

Rich and sweet flowers,
Held indiscriminately,
The joy of being

Leaf, stem, and blossom
All things, food for the feasting
Life, so delightful

I fear not nightshade
Two Fates, from the corner, smile
Atropos yet sleeps

Unfurl the banner
Welcome home, oh weary one
Sit you by the fire

Resting by the hearth
Homecoming, such rare sweetness
Moreso to be shared

Warm, softly savor,
The banquet is before you
Partake as you will