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A wonderful night of nostalgic movies and the resulting chuckles, sighs, and tears. I am, I think, the worst and most hideous idealist and romantic ever birthed. It is, of course, an amazing secret that most I know would find either hard to believe or laughable. Still, it is true.

Not much more than this at the moment; counting down the days until the end of January with a combination of impatience and happiness, sifting through various contacts and contracts and pondering the wisdom of being so set upon full time opportunities. (I admit, the itch to start a business again is present even as all but that sliver of me recoils from it.)

Hopefully, I can pull the “best of both worlds”; a front end or professional services role that offers the challenge and variety of many clients while granting the stability (yes, yes, I know it doesn’t exist, but you know what I mean!) of a steady employer. I reckon I’ll soon see.

calm and quiet night
a creative destruction
remaking my life