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Off with the crankypants!

The last few days have found me angst-ridden and annoyed over the general state of humanity. But I’m not going to blather on about why; it is my incessant idealism combined with my ridiculous devotion to ethics that cause my perspective, not anyone else. And, let’s face it, I choose in every moment how much, how long, and how deeply I react/respond to it.

Not to mention that my perspective is mine, not some objective observation… so why address it to anyone but the one to whom it belongs, right? (chuckle)

Ultimately, this is what is. Despite my perspective’s occasional spasming over it, I am generally “ok” with what is… but those spasms, oi!

So… the crankypants are back in their little closet and my usually bubbly self is feeling the relief already. Ahhhhhhhhh!

To make suffering,
Take any situation,
And add reaction.