autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Oh, Perspective!

Everything changes
No one thing is permanent
All things pass away

The “good” becomes “bad”
Sensible becomes insane
Topsy-turvy world

Sometimes, I forget
Wonder how it can happen
While I looked away

Then, I realize
It was both all along
Silly perspective

Outside looking in
Insists that I “must be right”
As if they know me

They know as I know
Only the outsides as seen

Low Fidelity
Padded by the assumptions
Is asking so hard?

I never think so
Until someone is angry
For the questioning

Assumptive mountains
That good intent cannot climb
Lofty, snow-capped peaks

Not good and not bad
Just a jumble of the mind
Insisting it knows

I am ignorant
Always the first to say so
How else does one learn?