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On haiku

Wrote this at another site; someone had posted an American haiku (humor) about how haiku often doesn’t seem to make sense. It (finally) occurred to me that I should archive it… I am. 😉

Oooh, I just found this
Something about the haiku
Makes my fingers itch

Though, classically,
It should be 232,
Not 5, 7, 5

American words,
More syllables for meaning,
Is almost a cheat

Japanese haiku
With their pyrrhic syllables
Can do more with less:

Dream summer

The ancient method
supposed to mention season
and not straddle lines

But does both at times
humans being hypocrites
ill at ease with form

Then there’s “haiku chain”,
Being my own invention,
Not yet perfected;

Each verse, it’s own tale;
Taken together, another;
Fractal poet form

You’re reading it now,
peeling the onion’s layers
context in context

Enter the forum,
Grinning in spite of myself,
Fall through saloon doors

Stand up, dust off, smile,
50’s cry, “Honey! I’m home!”
Words to same effect

So you,
Get Haiku;
Bring it.