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On symbology exploration

I’m beginning to utilize the tarot deck as a means of symbol exploration. As some of you may know, the purpose of tarot is not diviniation (as common misbelieved), but of self-exploration and understanding.  While it is true that many (most?) try to “use” tarot as a means of communication (with others, with “something else”, etc.), it remains that all meaning is generated from within and, therefore, the only answers you ever really find are the ones you already had (but didn’t want to look at, or couldn’t bear to look at without someone else “making” you, etc).

The symbology of the Tarot deck (regardless edition or theme) is rich with the colors, memes, sigils, and themes of collective human design over time. As such, almost anyone can find something of meaning in a card. The “official” descriptions and meanings I am placing here each day as I pull a card for consideration. The meanings I find in them each day are not being logged. Instead, I reference the general concept by the application of a paranthetical note in the title.

At the moment, I do not intend to duplicate entries, but that already seems kind of silly, since it is a certainty that I will, eventually, pull a duplicate card. When I do, it is equally likely that it’s “meaning” for me in that moment will be different. Hrm. Ok. Reversed. Heh. Decision in real-type-time. (grin)

So, that’s the reason these cards are “suddenly” appearing here. (This and that I admire the artwork. I think that must be a side effect of being at Wizards.)