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Opt-out from web tracking (update)

Dunno if you recall (or even saw) this story from July of 2011, but if you did and you are like me, you trailed the links and opted-out of everything you could manage.

Well, except Google, of course; since (despite the fact that they say they offer this) their add-on doesn’t actually work with FireFox:

Anyway… as an update to friends and readers (and as referenced in the above article), here is the KISSMetrics opt-out page along with a few others you may find helpful:

Google –

KISSmetrics –

MixPanel –

Omniture –

Yahoo Analytics –,OptOut.vm

WebTrends –

Aside: Convertro doesn’t seem to offer the ability to opt-out. Perhaps you’ll choose to contact them by clicking the link and letting them know what you think of this?

Also, make a point of visiting these sites and opting out of a plethora of crap, too:

Needless to say, most of these “solutions” break if you clean your cookies, empty your cache, etc.; so it seems somewhat like a reverse-certainty that someone will eventually just track THESE cookies (after all, there’s no actual legislation to protect you, is there?)… but you take what you can get until folks wise up and stop blithely assuming to their own privacy. If you’re interested in this, then here is the site you need to visit:

(And, of course, I still recommend TOR, Vidalia if you prefer your current browser, or TOR’s own browser if you want stronger protection and privacy, and your cookie-stomper of choice along with blockers for Flash and trainable javascript blockers, too. You can even get TOR for your Android via Orbot!)