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Orbiting Ache (haiku chain)

I am missing you
The stone in my heart, swaying,
Heavy with your name

I miss our friendship;
Such a happy, soap bubble,
Upon pixel waves

Twas popped by reality
Sticky memory

Sometimes, I go there,
Sit on virtual landscape
Just to remember

Days spent in twilight
Laughter by humble campfire
A sense of closeness

No pain anymore,
Just this stone’s weight, swaying
Occasional tug

Usually at night
When Polaris is most bright
Deep space memory

Such wistful wishings
Intermittent heaviness
No more given you

Instead, faithful star
Who, like a good confessor
Wraps them in silence

Thus, they are kept safe
Weight on no one else but me
This, as it should be

It is easier;
Less hurtful, all this silence
Best for you… and me.