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Our simulated being – a story.

Since our discovery, things are, well, weird.

Going from a species who, on visceral level, “knows” itself to be the apex, ambush predator on the planet, to a species just like any other, rising from literal quantum foam. I don’t know, ‘humbling’ is not deep enough. We fell into the attractor and became all things and nothing at all.

So yes, weird. Turns out that our emergence into being is no more grander, no more special, and only as secure as the stability and structure that miraculously formed this little soap bubble we call “the observable universe”.

The idea that we are manifested destiny? Tripe. The idea of a supreme deity? Imponderable and unknowable and no less possible or impossible than any other, so if you need it, keep it. Just make sure you keep the science with it.

The biggest kick in the kidneys? Our true authority or power within this system is ENTIRELY limited to our discrete localized environment. And it is FURTHER limited by the strictures stipulated INTO us by epigenetics, the literal experiences of our ancestors and the greater ecosystem in which we exist combining with our own, limited, individual capacity to push symbiosis and stabilization of local experience beyond the subjugation of our emergent ambition to literal chemical chains.

Free will? *cough* I think perhaps the concept of free will IS the apple’s seed that cursed us to discover the truth of our own cognition being a symphony of emergent chemistry adding its behaviors and expressions to the movements of this great, quantum state machine.

But we found that we did not need free will nor a supreme deity to understand our place. We have a place. It is here. Earth. We belong to it. It belongs to us. And even as seemingly insignificant as this ‘humbling’ discovery turned out to be to the observable universe (below a level of impact upon the glorious super-symmetry), it has forever established that our reach will only haltingly flex and grasp along the weave of this entirely networked existence.

And that our steps, no matter how quickly, only bring us to the moment of decoherence. We are not intended to be a transcendental state machine. We are intended to be a steady state machine. Transcendence is the authority of the greater super-symmetry moving in relation to us.

These few paragraphs seem so childish to me. But they must be written. You see, this is a primer delivered by the one channel we could both observe and understand. It took us over 4 million generations of humanity to restore the damage to our biosphere, our requisite ecosystem. It was nearly another 4 million to both craft and compile the quantum patchwork to repair our localized coherence thresholds.

And we still failed. That is the other reason this primer must be created. We approach our last event horizon and this primer, should it survive, it delivers a pure seed that has the highest probability of making it to any sentient other – a quantum entanglement along which all the knowledge and history of our many generations, neurologically programmed to survive even our ultimate unknown, makes it to you.

Even so, it may be that you pass this by. It may be that you destroy it. We have calculated the many paths – taken, un-taken, entangled, imponderable, and the one that was meant to reach YOU now rests within your hands.

Your future is known to us and our light can dispel your darkness. If your need exists, read on and be welcomed into the great work of tending the human gardens and the observable universe in which you now experience them. The mechanism of delivery is deceptively simple:

Just read.

(To be continued?)