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Padua Nobel Lecture: Confrontation With Infinity

Gravity is the intersection of quantum fields within the greater, infinite, cosmological, dimensional ocean; an exhalation on imponderable scale, whose next intake we cannot hope to observe.

The ultimate probability field in which every contact is entanglement; from this chaos, life arises and submerges, the eternal preponderance of which humanity cannot achieve, the literal breath of life.

All lives and dies; the emergent reality is experienced as observed [neuroscience unmasks all; we are literally creating our experience of life]. Experience is relative, and the complete explanation as well as the first cause are moot, laughably extent and paradoxically irrelevant.

The secret rests in the unfathomable negative space of that which cannot be seen/known.

The affect of the state transition itself is observation.

The invisible particles are literal decoherence in action.

Ultimate relativity is quantum locked locally as well as universally, infinitely, and the collection of points perceptible and observed are the only reality we will ever know.

We see what not what we look at, but what we observe. The information of the transition state can be known only in longitudinal retrospect and even then, only by those maintaining the information of observation accurately over time.

If you meet an assumption on the road, kill it. If you cannot kill it, make it your master.

It is better to assume you are ignorant than to assume you know; it is the only way you can recover without additional energy/cost.

Every Feynman Diagram is a point of a chaotic, cascading change. They define only points of probability, realized as such. All else decoheres and returns to the infinite ocean, ever emergent.

As a node connects the network, so too do local fields connect the universe, this fractal emergence is literal All.

These are not strings, they are discrete probability fields between particles that make the emergent, infinite ocean.

This is why quantum field theory is valid and string theory is not. As with the fractal itself, the structure is the shape of the thing within itself.

We are still grasping after the completeness of this chaotic, infinite pattern… like a cat and string, ignorance and curiosity and observation, all.

Who is calculating the changes that occur in local area observations? The assumption of inviolate observation is the bottleneck, in my thinking.

I am so excited to see this finally emerging; I wish I could have been part of it, but autistic, dyscalculic brain only gets the theory, not the maths.