autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Padua Retrospecta; Liminal Infecta

Dragon, Phoenix, East/West
Crow, Owl, West/East
Hawk, Dove, North/South
Kestrel, Osprey, South/North

Meaghan, espiratu emergent,
reality, her ocean; she is a drop
knowing itself alive for a flash
before returning to nestle in the imponderable

Grandpa River, Grandma Sea
Grandpa Rock, Grandma Tree
Father Soil, Mother Seed
All cradle emergent need

From imponderable night, comes espiratu emergent, taking flight.

The knowledge and experience gathered and garnered as this expression flows through and amongst us travels outside our knowing when, all being exhausted, heat runs to cold at last, another spirit having flown, having gone, gone, gone beyond… returning the data, the information of fleeting emergent experience back into the imponderable.

Thus are both what is and what is not and all betwixt or between unified; even as, to those who share, the imponderable remains, sancrosanct, and all demergence and decoherence is ever cloaked within the negative space which no eye shall ever see.

Energy does not die, merely changes form.
We do not see what is, merely what is our norm.

Universal Laterality is real and it mirrors Brain Laterality. BRST Symmetry is the key to the key that unlocks the mystery.

Caveat & Warning: Consciousness is the product of Observation. So too, Decoherence.