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Pauses and impermanence

As you may note from the dates between entries, life has been a bit on the distracting side of late.

I am soon to enjoy the first vacation I’ve had in over ten years. But to get to it, I’m having to pretty well work me tookus off to clear things for it.

So I am. Hence the quiet. Well, there are a few other things keeping me from this place, too. Most will clear in September. I find it an interesting process, however, as it speaks rather eloquently to the nature of impermanence and how the difference between what one would do, what one can do, and what one does do are so often out of kilter.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time thinking about what I should do more of and, ironically, that tends to impede actually doing any of it. It’s kind of a recent realization, so I’m letting it settle and working a little harder toward doing the doing rather than thinking about the doing. If that makes sense.

The natural result is also the reason for some of this quiet. Having things to do tends to keep one from the more contemplative pursuits. I begin to suspect that is a better thing than this blog silence may make it seem.

As always, time will tell. In the interim, I hope you are well, that you are surrounded by those who care and are careful of you, and that life brings you beneficial and helpful things regularly.