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Personal Dignity: I will have it.

Shortly after my recent doctor’s appointment, I received a survey request about it. I was in the middle of requesting a correction to something inaccurately placed in my medical record as part of the doctor’s notes.

As such, I wanted to give them the full time period they requested for processing and response – 48 hours.

Actually, in the name of good faith and reasonableness in the days of COVID, I gave them 72 hours.

Then, I completed the survey and sent it up with my name and telephone number attached, as follows:

Less than 5 minutes after sharing with the doctor that I’ve had recurrent problems with medical professionals not believing me, I am told that the doctor “doubts very seriously” something that I just relayed to him (i.e., that I have been having heart racing and flutters since I was 12 years old).

Further, in the after-visit notes, this doctor implies that I use illicit drugs, which I resent intensely and have now requested three times be corrected and removed from my records. I held responding to this survey to give them time (3 days now!!) to respond and make the requested change. As of the moment I am typing this to you, nothing has been done nor communicated to me.

To be explicit – marijuana is NOT an “illicit drug” in the state. I do not partake of ANY illicit drugs and I am asking that this inaccurate, misleading, and impugning information be removed from my medical records/history. The manner in which that note is phrased makes it sound like I do narcotics or “something” and I do not wish that implication to be present in my medical record as it is patently false.

Indeed, I wish to be returned to my previously assigned doctor, Dr. M———–, who, from all accounts, is not in the habit of contradicting his patient’s statements about their direct, personal, health experiences; nor, I am certain, does he make a habit of entering derogatory and libelous (not to mention judgmental) commentary into patient’s medical records.

If you would, kindly reach out and help me coordinate this change of provider. I do not know the process for doing so and I would prefer not to have to deal with Dr. Z————- again.

My medical provider doesn’t have to like me. Doesn’t have to coddle me. Doesn’t have to cater to me. But they will listen, they will believe, and they will treat me with respect and report accurately about me.

Or they can get lost and I’ll find one who does.

That is all.