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Post-vacation cooldown

[A ‘cooldown’ in gaming slang is the time from which an ability or skill was last used until the time it may be available for use. – ed.]

So. The friend came into town for two weeks and stayed almost three, but is now safely away to the next stop in Oregon. Home life is getting back to the norm, but only for a week or so, as I begin the packing for the move on July 9th soon.

Health is good. I received word yesterday that the cholesterol counts (which were a stupidly high 527 on the triglycerides!) are down in the 300’s now, thanks to the regiment of Carlson’s Omega3 Oil; a regiment I intend to continue along with the ongoing changes to eating habits. Amusing side note – the doctor wanted to put me on perscription fish oil pills and I pointed out that I’ve had a 200 point drop in the last year on this regiment… why should I pay perscription prices when I can obviously manage this one on my own? The nurse relaying the message chuckled and put me on hold before returning and giving me the MD’s agreement. So, a victory for self-management!

I’ll soon be selecting a gym to begin the slow climb back to full physical fitness. I’ve decided (reluctantly) to hold until after the move to engage this, mostly because I want to create a routine that becomes habit and habits do not do well with breaks when you’re cementing them. I’m fortunate that I’m moving into an area with a wide and fairly diverse selection of fitness outlets from which to choose. This entire process is making me happy; in many ways I am (finally?) reclaiming my life. Long overdue, I suppose. Still, better later than too late or never!

I am about to scoot out the door to ship the box of “things my visitor picked up that would not fit in the suitcase” and then, off to (likely an extended) lunch with a good friend following which I’m heading to Third Place Books to meet up with my long-time friend and author, Alma Alexander. (For those who may recall, Alma is one of the most vehement cheerleaders on the “Woman! Get to writing and actually SUBMITTING your work!” bandwagon.)

Tomorrow is preparation (research and preliminary outlines) for Sunday’s paper for college. I may go ahead and just write the damn thing to give myself Sunday off. We’ll see. Other than this, the usual domestic duty and perhaps a spot of self-indulgence so that Monday feels warm and snuggly. Heh.

Let’s see, a haiku for today… hmm…

Summer is coming
A lush feeling, unfurling
Embracing all things

I hope life is bringing you helpful, happy, healing things.