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I practice and work online under the pseudonym given me during Wong Kur initiation by honorable Drupon Ningo Thinley Rinpoche at the Drikung Dharma Surya Center (formerly: Tampa Ratnashri Sangha) on November 19, 2006:

Ye’shes B’zhang’mo Kongchok

My Yidam is Ekajata/Blue Tara; a Yidam is a specific archetype for your personal practice; the root lama identifies to you the best focus for your own fastest path to awakening. The yidam aids in identifying strengths and weaknesses of the practitioner. It also impacts the direction, intention, and motivation of the practitioner in their day- to-day life.

Having received instruction and guidance, I undertook a rigorous, personal retreat involving a vow of silence and a focused study of The Dharma from 2006 to 2008 in North Carolina. Post-retreat, I was led to Seattle, Washington, and eventually settled in Washington state. My yidam instruction and personal practice was formally undertaken in 2013.

I have waited since for revelation or directive in my practice and, while I accept no students, I am recently guided to offer insight and guidance revealed along my path. As a result, I am humbled and honored to be called upon to deliver Yidam-guided advisory and advocacy work.

Whether a curious non-practitioner, a layman/woman practitioner, or a practicing member of the sangha, you are invited to reach out for compassionate wisdom, practice-driven advice, and collaborative study of lineage teachings, literature, and challenges.

Requests are managed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis; your kind understanding of the reality that I am a single human, practicing just like you, is appreciated. To connect and get started, please use the mail link in the header menu for request submissions.

Should you find our interactions are helpful, I would welcome honorariums to aid my practice and expand my works via the $CASH app at$YeshesOnline.


ye’shes b’zhang’mo kongchok