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Pre-planning and the move

the heavy lifting
feels lighter this time around
again, I am come “home”

Blinds ordered, security system installed, and I marvel at the differences in cost from 1998 to present. (Ouch.) Carriage doors to re-open so we can actually get a washer/dryer in (turns out the back hall entrance is too narrow, oi!), a ventilation issue to resolve that seller “overlooked”, and enough yard work to do to keep us busy (and broke) through August. Who said this was cheap? (chuckle)

I am thankful for the two accounts that were sitting empty and on reserve “for the house”, even as I now grumble for the coming effort to see them paid off. It did make this transitional phase easier (albeit incurring interest for two months in the process). I am thankful as well that J helps shoulder some of the weight as, otherwise, “August” would be more like “January” (and may yet, depending on how the work above prices out).

All the same, 2013 will be the year of fresh air and renewal, I think. I find I am looking forward to it. It has, after all, been 12 years in the making and that time filled with all manner of “interesting” circumstance, events, and things.

Transition intended for June 17th and with any luck, a happy friend-gathering mid-July (maybe). Regardless, I feel as if we’ve accomplished something rather significant and that, perhaps, this will be the place in which I too, can relax, rest, and return to the spot nearing “normalcy”… I welcome it.