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PS: 30092022 silly monkey minds

Thus is is known that humans are silly monkey minds:

There are no exceptional humans; there are only degrees of diversity discovered and documented and eternally, recurrently replicable.

There are no objective observers; there are only imponderable, subjective ones, dreaming of an impossible, imponderable ‘other’.

Humans seek to exceed the bounds of both behavioral and mechanical reality yet persistently refuse to acknowledge the slow explication of #neuroscience as it continues revealing how ignorant the idea, how delusional the denial.

Humans are to gods as ants are to humans, and that’s if such a god can and does exist. (No one knows; but then, no one knows anything, so that tracks.)

Earth is to humans as gods are to humans; this is the only true and evidencial (not to mention experientially) valid thing a human knows during life.

Every channel by which #SpaceshipEarth operates is indirectly or directly communicating with every human for every moment of their life. The implications pale before the ripple of quantum fields that move the observable universe, entire.

The pinnacle of humanity is still best expressed by this long-dead, Greek dude, who said:

“The man cannot learn who thinks he knows.”

– Epictetus

It is hard for a human to remember that what is subjectively observed is subjectively known, and the certainty required to know is requires the very outside view none will or can have.

The fact that objective certainty cannot and does not exist but as a theoretical construct is only rebuked by the fact that subjective certainty ever persists as a direct result of lacking the capacity to access and retain an undiluted observation.

Monkey want to sit in tree with banana and have sun on head.